I send invoices by email that can be paid online by Credit or Debit Card through the PayPal interface, no PayPal account is required.

Simply Click on the button on the top right of your invoice that says "Pay with PayPal".  You will then be forwarded to a secure transaction page where you can choose to use a debit or credit card or setup a PayPal account.

Pay by Check

You can pay your invoice by check by simply mailing it to the address on your invoice and make payable to  Travis Designs.

Work doesn't begin until payment is received. Depending on where you are mailing it from it make take 1 to 5 days to reach me and then 1 business day to allow it to post. If you need work to begin quickly for any deadline you may have please allow for mailing, non-business days or postal and bank holidays, and time for a deposited check to be posted.

Optionally you can send me payment via PayPal through my page. You must have a PayPal account to use this service. If using this method please include your invoice number in the payment note.

Payment Method Details

I do not keep, retain, or accept any payment details such as credit or debit card numbers or any other payment details personally. Nor do I accept them by phone, email, text message or any other manner.

Any and all of your online payments are secured by PayPal through their secure connections only to retain security for both of us.

You can see the latest updated security details and other information here.


 To begin any project or product order I require prepayment before any work begins with very rare exceptions.


The due date on your invoice is determined by one of the following;

  • Date you need your project to begin or product to begin production.
  • A date you specified you wanted to make payment for work work to begin
  • A date 30-60 days before a renewable service is set to expire (such as website or mobile app hosting, custom plugin renewal, etc).
  • A date 7 days before a renewable service is set to expire (such as website care plan, website updates & management plan).
  • If no date is determined invoices are typically date NET7 to allow time for online payment to be made or for a mailed check to arrive and be posted.


Past due invoices for web hosting service:

  • Results in immediate suspension of service.
  • After 30 days of suspension the hosting account will be deleted including all files, code, etc and will be irretrievable.

Past due invoices for website care plans or update & maintenance plans:

  • Results in immediate suspension of any included services.

Past due invoices for graphic design, printing or other:

  • Any form of work or production will not begin until payment is made.