Working in the graphic & print industry since 1994 with my start in screen printing and moving into web design, photo retouching, architectural & retail signage and paper printing that have all tied together at some point to allow me to help you with the best options for your graphic, web, printing, & marketing needs.


I’m not a “design firm”. I’m Travis & I design. When you call I answer. No loss of message as there are no middlemen, departments, etc. I’m available during regular business hours and days so when the business world is moving, so are we.


I don’t multitask. When I work on your project I am laser focused on just that at that time to produce the best results. Multitasking has been proven through studies to not only produce a whole lot of substandard results but, can actually be bad for your health.

Growth & Flexibility

I provide a wide range of services that will allow me to incorporate your brand & identity in a cohesive manner across all platforms and channels. From logo & identity design, advertising (digital, print, indoor & outdoor) & business collateral printing from business cards to catalogs to website presence to custom functionality sites & mobile apps for businesses and custom promotional items, merchandise & apparel. My business strategy results in very long term clients, allowing me to provide more services in so many different fields of business, as client’s businesses grow and their needs grow and change.

Ongoing Education

I keep up with the latest technology and trends in my areas of specialty allowing me to make suggestions and choices regarding modern design, technology and marketing practices and services. I often share the sources and insights with my clients personally and/or publicly on my blog but, always incorporate them into my work.

Comprehensive Strategy

I like to see the big picture of your business so I can take all aspects in to consideration internally and externally and represent your business or product in the best light.

In Business
Years of Experience
Average Customer Retention
Business from Customer Referrals

2014- Current
Advisory Board Member
“21st Century Concept Designer” for the
Education Neuroscience Foundation, Inc.

2015- Current
Consultant & Service Provider
Print, Design & Technology for the
Historic Tennessee State Fairgrounds Foundation

Ric Clarke The Red Door Saloon

100% satisfied with his designs and the quality of his work

Ric Clarke, The Red Door Saloon

One of things I like about dealing with Travis Designs is that you’re not just a number. Travis is still in the people business and it’s very important for his clients that they are 100% satisfied with his designs and the quality of his work. My partners and I have been doing business with Travis Designs going into two decades now. I have recommended Travis Designs top quality services & products to many people!!!

So much knowledge and information and would recommend 100%.

Carey MacDonald, Nashville Shade and Shutter

I had concerns on doing business strictly over the net, not meeting in person but that is how we wanted/needed to operate until we moved and Travis Designs made it soooooo easy! We knew from his website and portfolio he was the real deal. Travis’s responses are insanely fast and professional. So much knowledge and information and would recommend 100%. I love our websites!

I can't imagine life without Travis Designs on my team!

Chris Sartin, Founder; Soulshine Pizza Factory

When I first moved to Nashville I met Travis through a business associate. I had no idea what to expect of who he was, but man let me tell ya, meeting Travis and working with him a been a great pleasure. His talent level and work ethic is second to none. Travis is one of the most creative people I have ever met and has made a significant contribution to the image of my brand. He is full of great ideas and never fails to get his work done in a timely fashion. After working with him since 2012, I can't imagine life without Travis Designs on my team!