The printing of these menus I did so they can be used without being laminated or inserted into any expensive plastic sleeves thereby allowing them to double as to-go menus and beautiful ones at that! They’re printed on 14 point weight eco-friendly paper and with eco-friendly inks(see more on that below). They’re UV coated on front and back allowing them to be easily wiped down for each day’s service without damaging them and they also feature 1/4 inch rounded corners to keep them from getting bent and crimped in use, all of this allows them a much longer shelf life & to double as to-go menus and to eliminate the need for lamination and overpriced menu sleeves, when they’ve served their purpose and need to be disposed of they can easily be recycled, again all at an extremely low cost! Similar menus I’ve designed and printed can be found at all Red Door Saloon locations and Dougie Ray’s.

These are also printed with Eco-Friendly paper & inks that are and can be recycled ;  inks are formulated with soy and other renewable agriculturally-derived materials. They are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The Eco-friendly paper is a composite of post consumer fiber, recycled paper and virgin pulp derived from sustainably managed forests. These sustainably managed forests help to clean our air & control erosion. At NO EXTRA CHARGE most of my paper printing allows for these eco-friendly papers to be utilized.