No matter how you spell it & I think most iterations are covered, this is the logo for a really cool spot in East Nashville’s 5 points I had the opportunity to design a logo for. My initial idea was the license plate which one of the owner’s had also envisioned, so not much discussion was needed and got this one done in a 1st draft. I designed it to be an antique version of the Tennessee license plate, complete with colors and some distressing for that vintage look. They also had a sign painted prior to this that was an existing sign shape and I designed the 2nd version of the logo to reflect that and also adds the option spelling. I’d be remiss if i didn’t mention the beautiful wood work done by one of the owners Bill Carney including a live edge marimba wood bar, custom booths and the fitting architectural elements within. Some of the best cajun inspired food I’ve had in Nashville! No lie! I suggest you visit them to satisfy your NOLA cravings!