SkinPhD® offered me the opportunity to design the labels for all of their great products; the SkinPhD® core range, Renaissance, Clarify, Platinum and 4Men in which I also designed the logo for each of these product ranges. Since SkinPhd® is primarily available at Salon’s & Clinics we weren’t designing for the consumer retail market as the target but to keep a more professional design that doesn’t undermine the professionalism of the salons and clinics that carry the products while still allowing to to be a nice looking product for the end user. We were able to make them fun and incorporate the elements to keep them branded as SkinPhD® as well as put forth the ideal, scheme and use of each of the ranges and their respective design. Shown here on my site are Clarify, 4Men, Renaissance, & Platinum. I also designed boxes for the few products that get boxes as well as almost all of their marketing materials & printing and a lot of their website content imagery. SkinPhD® actually was featured on and was chosen as best anti-aging product! Visit to find out more!