My client is a new franchise owner and pending a grand opening of his new Nutrishop store in Murfreesboro, where the signage is limited and very regulated, he wanted a nice clean wrap that wasn’t too loud but definitely was an attention grabber that he could park near the road frontage of his store and also carry his advertising with him wherever he went. This full wrap did the trick. He actually, along with a friend, decided what he wanted and was curiously based on a shoe  design. Basically the gray color and the yellow/green now seen on the wrap came from that tennis shoe.

What did was take their concept and bring it up a level. With the grey they had in mind I made the minor leap to a real metallic look, using photographic textures of actual metal and embedded into the logo and other areas of the layout. He was more than happy with the design and really happy with the final product, as was Nutrishop Corporate, whom likes to give approval to maintain their brand which I fully support, and was happy to be able to please both my client and the folks at corporate. Be sure to visit Nutrishop in Murfreesboro: 143 W. Northfield Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN 37129 (615) 900-3283